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Questions asked in SSB Interview: Check here

Date: 25-03-21 06:58 am

Questions asked in SSB Interview: SSB interview is a personality based selection. You are assessed on the basis of officer like qualities in your personality. In this article we have provided you the questions that are asked in SSB Personal Interview. Prepare honest and best possible answers of these questions if you have your SSB interview in coming time.


  1. Tell me about your family
  2. About your subjects
  3. About your hobbies
  4. What you do in free time
  5. What you do to be physically fit
  6. When did the last time your father/mother happy
  7. How do you help your father/mother
  8. Where did he/she helped you
  9. Like and dislike about our father/mother
  10. Which sports do you follow
  11. Best friend
  12. Like and dislike about your friend
  13. When did he help you
  14. When did you help him
  15. About your girlfriend
  16. Her likes and dislikes
  17. Will you see future with her
  18. Her parents don’t agree
  19. Positive points in you
  20. Negative points in you
  21. Subjects you like and dislike
  22. Teachers you like and dislike
  23. Why did you choose this subject
  24. What you do on the internet
  25. Strengths and weaknesses
  26. Likes and is like in your parents
  27. Your mother earns more than your dad so how you manage
  28. Brother likes and dislike
  29. About the professions
  30. Moto of NCC
  31. What benefits you had doing NCC
  32. What are your plans for the future
  33. Which arms you want to join and why
  34. Capitals of countries
  35. Capitals of states
  36. Nation and international issues
  37. Relation b/w your parents are not well?…What’s the reason
  38. Anything you want to say
  39. How have you prepared for SSB
  40. What is your role in the family
  41. Application of your branch in the army
  42. Which task did you like and dislike
  43. What was the reasons for your rejection the last time
  44. How was your performance this time
  45. Why there is a collapse in your performance from 10th to 12th
  46. Whom you are close to in your family
  47. Why father or why mother
  48. If not get recommended than what will you do
  49. What you like or dislike about SSB
  50. Who do you think should get recommended from your group
  51. What all changes have you seen in your self
  52. What all changes have you seen in SSB
  53. Technical questions related to branch
  54. Why infantry since you have come for technical entry 
  55. how much time do you spend on the internet
  56. Whom do you share your secrets with
  57. Why father or why mother
  58. Blunder you did in your life

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